IngagePatient leads the industry in regard in comprehensive customization at the platform, feature and forms level.

With IngagePatient practices have access to a feature-rich patient engagement solution that is HIPAA compliant but flexible enough to manage your practice the way that YOU manage it!

Modern, flexible


IngagePatient is a modular solution, allowing healthcare practices to include only the features they need, making the solution affordable and a custom design.

Patients access IngagePatient through the Practice Portal, customized completely including color, logo, pictures, and even maps and directions enhancing the existing practice web site or creating a web presence for the practice.

For software partners (EMR, PMS, or RCM companies) IngagePatient is available in a white label version to create a seamless client and patient experience.

IngagePatient is a modular platform allowing partners and practices to design the solution they need.


IngagePatient is rooted in patient experience. We understand HIPAA and the requirements around Meaningful Use. IngagePatient allows practices to create a virtual registration process that matches their current intake forms guaranteed that industry standards are met and maintained. This level of consultative support is a standard part of the affordable implementation process.


IngagePatient is customizable in terms of content, recurrence, and modality! IngagePatient supports patient’s preferences in terms of communication modality (text, voice, or email). For providers, IngagePatient supports customized messaging and reminders on the patient’s condition(s). What differentiates IngagePatient from other platforms is the patient’s ability to communicate back to providers when and how they need them. That’s patient engagement, that’s collaboration.