Patient & Practice eScheduling

Easy, flexible appointment requests that work with existing scheduling functionality or as a stand-alone solution for both patient and practice, keeping administrators off the phone and patients satisfied.

Patient Ingagement Fact:

eScheduling is the most utilized mHealth functionality and is an excellent way to capture patients after hours when staff is not available!

Highlights include:

  • Supports patients in managing multiple providers and locations from a single screen—great for Mom!
  • Patients can request appointments from the mobile app, portal page directly or Facebook through the practice site
  • An excellent way to capture patients after hours when practice staff are not available
  • Automatically triggers registration requests and reminders and allows practices to set payer mix preferences allowing for certain percentages of new private pay, commercial insured and Medicaid/Medicare patients
  • Allows practices to organize patients by new or existing, customize by appointment types and assign up to 8 time slots per appointment type