Patients and Practices

Offer your patients the mobile communication tools they need to engage

IngagePatient makes patient engagement easy, affordable and effective through the most sophisticated platform available.


Designed based on patient and practice research. Key features include:

  • Easy integration via API to any practice management or EHR system
  • Customizable registration including practice forms for specialty and practice requirements
  • Full functionality available on mobile devices, phones and desktop

How much can your practice save?
Check our ROI calculator.

30 Minutes from practice sign-up to patient sign on!

Reduce No-Show Rates improving practice profitability through targeted alerts and reminders

Increased Operational Efficiency by reducing inbound calls for appointments, Rx refills and referral requests

Improve Profitability through ePayment and reminders

Patient Ingagement Fact

  • Call volume is reduced significantly
  • Reduces outbound phone calls by up to 10 per day
  • Reduction in the need for overtime Survey 2012

Best thing we ever did for our practice. Our patients love it. They say it’s easy and comprehensive!
Thomas Schmertz,
Neurosurgery Practice